Trapping and Relocation Serivices

Wildlife is a blessing to the world, but sometimes that blessing can cause safety concerns for your family, damage to property or just cause problems. That's when you need to call Bruce Heinbuch Wildlife Control services and let us put your mind at ease. We don't just remove those pests, we find them a new home in the wild where they can roam free and live in the wild like they were intended to. Not only do we care about protecting you and your family, but we care about protecting mother nature's creatures as well.

Prevention Serivices

Part of a successful wildlife control plan is prevention. We relocate your pests, but then we'll help you put together and execute a plan to keep the critters away. We will plug holes in the ground, in your roof, walls and basement. We can also install one way openings that will allow the pests to leave but not return. We can also install fine wire mesh in appropriate places around your property to prevent those animals from entering in the first place.

Land Animals

We trap and relocate land animals using humane methods including: skunk, racoon, squirrel, weasel, ferret, gound hog, rats, mice, mink, possum, coyote, fox, etc.

Bats & Birds

Bats are removed through prevention practices, we will find out where they are entering, patch that hole and install a way they can leave and not return. The bats will find a new home. With birds, the process is much the same, we will remove the nest and patch the holes so that the birds find a new place to nest.

Water Animals

We will assist you in addressing nusence water animals including beavers, minks, muskrats, turtles, etc.

Bees, Wasps & Hornets

We provide bee relocation services. We have bee farmers that will come to your property for free, collect your bees and put them to work producing honey and bee products.