Wildlife & Pest Trapping, Relocation & Prevention

The process that Bruce Heinbuch Wildlife Control goes through to ensure you are rid of all wildlife is:

  1. 1. Contact Us - Call text of email us.
  2. 2. Consultation - We will come visit you at your home to understand your problem.
  3. 3. Plan - During the visit we will put together a plan to rid you of the pests you need to have removed.
  4. 4. Set Traps - We will come prepared with traps to set on the first visit.
  5. 5. Check Traps Daily- We will check the traps daily, reset and/or place new traps and relocate the captured animal. If the traps remain empty for 3+ days, your problem is solved.
  6. 6. Prevention - Part of the plan often involves preventation, including closing up any holes into your home & buildings, filling in ground holes and any other prevention deemed necessary in the plan.

Live Traps

We have a variety of traps at our disposal. We can capture small, medium and large sized animals using various forms of live cage traps. During consultation and the first visit, we will recommend and setup the best trap for your purpose.

Skunk Traps

The skunk traps that we use are specially designed for trapping skunks. The outside of the trap is opauqe which prevents the skunk from spraying and even if the skunk does spray, the odour is trapped within the trap itself. Therefore, there will be no need for you, your family or your family pet to have a bath in tomato soup.

Bat Tubes

Bats are treated more from a prevention stand point, we will install one or more bat tubes into the building where you are having an issue. The bat tube is designed to allow bats to escape your home or building but it will not allow the bat to return by the same means. In addition, to installing bat tubes, we will patch all holes where the bats are entering causing the bats to find a new home. We can also assist the bats in this repect by installing a bat house somewhere far from your house but close by so they choose live in it.


We will take any and all means available to us to help you prevent further problems, including patching holes, installing wire mesh, patching fencing, filling in burrows, among other ideas that we present during consultation.